Mixte Fixte

Mixte Fixie Bike Single Speed Singlespeed Hipster Pub Bike High End Bits Unisex | eBay

WTF is this?!

It’s a mixte the new fixie, it says in the auction.
“cool as” disc wheel is one of those dynamatt bits of plastic.

ive seen worse, but the short the few links of red chain in there to get the length right is a bit of a laugh asides from the ‘cool disc wheel’ this thing ain’t toooooo bad.

somethin’ about i like…could put a finger on it though…maybe bad taste?

isn’t this australias sluttiest polo rig? i like it, just works, even the stupid disc, some times i’m in a rush to get to the pub

This thing is raaaad! Watching for the lady friend for certain.

agreed, great for the cheese and kisses, she,ll love it

I love it