Miyata 414 retro roadie modern groupo commuter build

So after an incident with some wet tram tracks in the city my commuter was off the road. Thanks to velosure I got a payout for the cost of the a replacement frame but as this bike has become my commuter since I got a new weekend warrior roadie I decided it need to be a little more hard wearing and commute friendly.

Thanks to #foamafia I sourced a frame from @familyguy and a fork from @fixiechamion. A wiggle order later for the parts need to convert retro frame to accept my full 105-5800 and Carbon wheelset and I have this. Had my first ride on it this morning and besides a few small on ride adjustments it was amazing. Been awhile since I’ve ridden a steel frame and I forgot just how much they absorb. Such a smooth ride.

Anyway just thought I’d share. And a big thanks to those above who helped with the frame and the fork. Legends. Probably not everyone’s cup o tea and definitely not winning any awards (well maybe some strava segments), but I’m in love

Cheers for looking,

I like it! I’d be taking those stickers off the rims if I could, but yeah, pretty cool.

Want to but can’t lokione, unfortunately they’re painted on not stickers otherwise they’d be gone already. Next time I’m on leave and I don’t need the bike everyday I’m thinking I might take them and get the graphics bead blasted off. If that’s possible.

very good, fork needs matte black.

ATMO. Sure it rides nicely as it is though.

This is great. Would commute on.

Not sure on paint removal etiquette with carbon… Bit of wen n’ dry maybe? Larfinboy?

I like it.

I think no matter how horrendous all the colours and logos are, if the logic of the build is sound it can’t really go wrong.

Thanks lads. I would like to remove the graphics from the wheels and the bidon cages but I like the fork as is. Might replace one day but this is what was made available and the standard steel fork that came with the frame was a 1.6kg anchor.

Anyone got tips tricks on removing paint from carbon wheels? I thought maybe soda blasting? Is that expensive? I’ll probably just sand the cages cos really don’t care if they get damaged (what could go wrong #famouslastwords).

Good job. Original fork was incredibly out of place on that frame, glad you found a replacement.

Is that a bag of coffee toe strapped under the saddle?

Yep, this.

Looking good. Those deep carbons look so good on a classic steel frame.

Try acetone first to see if the paint is on top of the clearcoat or under it.
If you do wet’n’dry it you’ll need to put a clearcoat over the area you sand back.
Might be easier to rough it all up with scotch brite then matte black the rims.

If you could match that silver/grey paint on the headtube then I’d paint the fork that colour :wink:

Yup. But it’s got my spare tube and co2 and repair kit in it.


I tried acetone a while back but no good. The paints actually good quality :frowning: I might try wet n dry and Matt clear cos I like the look of the carbon. Your right about the fork tho. If I ever paint it I’ll match the grey and fade into carbon as it is now.

that looks great

Thanks @proxima and cheers for using your first post on this little old thread.

So I’ve email a place about soda blasting the paint of the rims as I’m a little nervous to sand them but I will if they come back and say no.

Now I need further advice … I have a turbo saddle here. Thoughts on running it on this ?

Turbo + steel frame = no brainer, suits your back side is a bonus.

Reviving old thread, sorry about this.

I’ve got a 414 too, beautiful bike

Did you have to file the dropouts to fit modern wheels?