Miyata, Cadex, Tri-A w/600, Bargain B.O.B, Beardo setup

Vintage Road Bike Miyata Twelve Hundred Made IN Japan 1980s Retro Bicyles in Blacktown, NSW | eBay

Giant Cadex Carbon Fibre Mountain Bike in Griffith, ACT | eBay

OLD Retro Vintage Bike Repco Nishiki Shimano 600 in Kingston, QLD | eBay

B O B YAK Bicycle Cargo Trailer in Caboolture, QLD | eBay

Schmidt SON Delux Dynamo HUB Mavic 717 MTB 26" Plus B M IQ Light Schwalbe Tyres | eBay

DAT MIYATA!!! Nice size. Want it.

OUR size JP…

Just mentioned to K that I’d probably ride it more than the Klein. i’m sure she is up for a sweet road tri to far-western Syd… perfect way to eat a day.
And that dynamo set up… nice. Hard to not want the Luxos lights though… I know I’d end up getting one anyway, which means not a (super huge) bargain used wheel for $200+.
Overall, Wonderful, interesting and possibly problem-causing set of links there, WCP.

the repco nishiki tri a in Kingston Qld - seller is a douchecanoe. major fucker arounder and overer. renegs on deals if they don’t meet ‘reserve’. refuses to give out address for pickup, threatens legal action etc.
i had a bad deal with him, and someone else on here or bna did too - whoever it was, asked me to help with pickup and shipping. never got that far. fuck you, victadude.

he does have a cinelli bmx tho…

Victa98! Didn’t see that. Yeah, dickhead, avoid. Where does he get all that good/semigood stuff eh?

So, who in QLD wants to road trip that BOB trailer to melbs for me? well, more this for this guy actually:

$40 Tubus Logo rear rack, NSW.


what a beautiful dog !!!

Don’t get into a bidding war with antmandan

You can borrow my BOB to try it out if you like. I had dog ideas with the BOB, but Goose never stayed in it. He friggin loves this thing though. Good for a 30-45min run.

And what about this?


Thanks! We’re pretty stoked on him, 1 yr old rescue staffy cross (more cross than staffy i reckon), he’s such a happy dude! I’ll have to add him to the dog thread later tonight

Hmm yeah? Thanks Pete! He’s gunna need a little more training first I think, still gets a bit too excited about things to sit still in it. That thing tow leash looks pretty sweet too

It is. If only I had a frame/bike for it to go on.

Wonder what bike comes with that as OE?

vivente world randonneur
my dad has one, also a beard ;p

And thanks again Pete, mate of mine was just about to get one off wiggle but snagged this for less than half the price

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