Miyata QuickCross

Like the green. Could be a cheap/ghetto cross for someone local for the right price

Miyata QuickCross road bike

Nice frame, this would be rad with a negative rise stem, sushi bars, and fenders.

Or radder with a modern group, fat tyres and mudguards. #beardolyf

Wow, very cool ride.

If it were only my size. At 83cm standover it’s too big.

Bonded Aluminium frame no less.

Really? Looked like steel to me.

Yes, you’re right …

ahh … upon more reading I’ve found why I was thinking it was all steel.

  • It had standard-size aluminum main tubes bonded to steel lugs and a Chromo fork. Seat and chain stays are steel, with the seat post binder bolt holding the seat stays to the seat post lug. *

i will have a crack at buying this.

did you win it?

I was watching it and hoping it would stay in the low $100’s, looks like there as some keen interest.

No, I bid it up to $60 a few days ago, then $205 just before. Not sure what size it was, so even $200 was a bit much. I think the Standover height with inflated tyres would be a couple of centimetres taller, but it looks smaller then a 60cm top tube as described.

Bummer, Yeah it looked to be a 58 going by the angles/look of the headtube… that thing had potential.