Mo' Shamal

Campagnolo Shamal 16 spokes | eBay

Man, I hate it when I’m rolling around and someone says “whoa baby nice wheels”

In the market for a set of these…hard to get good value these days. Earlier this year sets in great condition were often going for $500 and under.

if you think rolling around on a flexy clapped out set of 15 year old wheels makes you cool in any way then you need a frontal lobotomy

ouch, that hurts…I guess we should throw away our out dated steel bikes, and jump on our excessively light weight carbon roadies and ride to this galaxy…

the guy was only quoting from the ebay ad, rage less. Damm sugarkane eddited…

I know I just can’t beleave people try to fetch so much money’s for these things when they are in shit condition!
No one has bid on it thank god!

uhh, have you ever ridden shamals? they may be a lot of things - heavy for one - and i wouldn’t ride them on the road (again), but flexy they are most definitely not.

:frowning: i like my shamals

I had vento hpw 16s and they where very flexy, not a whole lot of difference between the ventos and te shamals.
If your tiny you might find em stiff but I didn’t. Mine had been totally rebuilt to…
Very fast once wound up. These ones are not exactly in ‘blinging’ condition…
He’s looking for silly money here…

both of these i can agree with.

i had the late model black rims with the baby blue decals… second only to lightweights in the looks department there is something magical looking about 16 fat spokes