Modern Campy road hubs

Simple question…

Will the 2012 Campy Veloce cassette fit on a Campy compatible 2010 Mavic Aksium hub?

Just want to make sure before I order the wheels.

IIRC, Campy 9/10/11 have the same freehub spacing, and will all play nice together, with some minor exceptions (eg: a 9sp Shamal I think?)



Also, is there any other options for silver road wheels, low-ish profile rims that can run Campy? After normal spoke lacing as well. I’ve only come across the Aksium’s and Fulcrum 7’s, but they don’t make the silver Fulcrum’s anymore, only black.

EDIT: Around $300ish.

If a choice between the two I’d definitely choose the mavics.
Otherwise hand builts to veloce or chorus hubs if you can still get em? Probably breaks the 300 dollar budget though.

I have been down this road, ended up going mavics - they are pretty crap though, now on the cx. ok for a MED level bike I guess.

Best bet would be to do as H says, I know its hard not to just pull the trigger…

I’m a bit of fan of the Aksium’s actually. They weigh about the same as an Open Pro handbuilt wheelset, and are pretty reliable. Only issue of course is the typical low spoke count (20 front and rear I think, go figure). Spokes are pretty easy to replace.

And the silver version you could remove the stickers and they would look nice and unassuming.

It’s for my wife’s first road bike, so I want something that looks nice, works well and will suit a lugged steel frame.

If it was me, I’d be okay with black rims, but she wants silver rims and groupset. It’s her $$$, so I have to listen to her (to an extent). I do approve of the Veloce purchase though.

EDIT: she doesn’t way much either, and this bike won’t be ridden super hard either. I’m leaning towards to the Mavic’s. I’d love to get a hand built wheel set, but the cost would be too much.

This is all correct but the only problem is that they spin like crap.

I have campy vento g3’s that im off loading soon.

Just to confuse things even further, the Campagnolo Scirocco wheelset is pretty nice too, but at a slightly higher price point than the Aksium I think. Nice classic silver:

Yeah, but they have wacky spoke lacing. The wife is not feeling them.

Only 32H hand builts good enough for her? Damn, she sounds like a serious bike snob +1 :slight_smile:
The wacky G3 is only on the rear at least.

I have some hard rubbish eurus and they are much better than the mavic elite’s.

Wheels -

I run the M28X aeros and they are an amazing wheelset. They have survived many a ride around the back of Queensland on some very shitty roads. They spin well are still running as true as the day I got them and come in silver (mine are black though). Traditional lacing options aplenty and the choice of bladed or straight spokes.

That’s worse, the wheels don’t even look like a set. Like some stupid hipster b43 and spok set…

I had a set of Zonda’s for few a years and the G3 rear was fine. I didn’t mind the aesthetic of it, although I think we all know it was done more for marketing and brand identity, than for actual need. All you need to do as manufacturer is come up with a fancy name for each ‘innovation’.

Pretty sure when these were in stock they had both Campy and Shimano/SRAM.
Velo Orange Grand Cru tour rear wheel 700c

Spent a lot of time looking for a set for the Rourke. Ended up buying black Sirroccos for the wifey’s roadie and stealing her silver Ventos, whacky G3 lacing front & back. Not ideal but better than black.

Silver Campy hubs NOS are pretty thin on the ground and people want stupid money.
Followed a set of Chorus 36H and they sold for over USD500.

Good options for hand built are Circus Monkey and they are available in silver. Would be slightly over budget but not unreasonable depending on rims.
Circus Monkey Road HRW F&R Hub 32 32 H Campy Campagnolo Silver | eBay

Otherwise Hope Pro 3 would be a good, but more expensive option - 28/32H would look sweet.

Yeah shits getting out of control.
Thanks to our EU friends, you can probably pick up a new (black) record hubset for like, $300.00 yeah?

The Grand Cru looks good, but everything is out of stock.

I reckon we’ll go for the Mavic’s.