Modifying stock state 4130

SO i got my bike. happy as fk. um been riding it around getting more and more each day… just wondering coz I wanted to put carbon forks on new front wheel maybe replace back brakes with a bmx “A” brake (im riding freewheel with back brake) new pedals with straps and carbon cranks if there is?

im new to the game know what I need just don’t know what brands specifically. im in no rush as this is my project may live out over its time.

any feedback would be respected.


Why bmx brakes? Road calipers are probably more straightforward and just as stoppy.

Why only one brake on a single speed? Front brakes/teeth r Kool.

SRAM have a few crank options in carbon for track stuff.

skingrowsback/holdfast straps and plastic bmx pedals are a winning combo. Just make sure they have a ‘window’ to allow the strap through. Heaps of info online about this.

Check your fork axle to crown measurement before buying a carbon fork. Heaps of choices here, Columbus make some neat looking ones that sit well with the dimensions of a steel frame. Some look v chunky.

Tbh tho would strongly consider upgrading the wheels+tyres+freewheel instead of any of the above.

Just ride it and replace stuff as it breaks. And use a front brake plz.

hope u have Vans slip ons.