Modolo Morph (paging Zoltan)

A mate of mine in SF is selling his Modolo brifters. I haven’t used them, and know even less about them but they seem quite adaptable and perhaps suited to a work in progress bike (like JLN’s CX) that might be upgraded along the way as $'s avail.

Cheap-ish (for now), ends soon … NOS MODOLO Morph Index Levers- Indexes Campy 8/9 Shimano 7/8/9 + others | eBay

Interesting. Never seen these before.

Velobase had some info. - Component: Modolo Morphos

I love them

Personal experience?

Not personal experience.

I could have used about 3 sets of them before I sold all my 7 speed stuff.

I’m sure everyone here could use something like these. In fact if someone developed a new product such as these that could do the same with 9/10/11 shimano/campy they’d kill it. Rapid prototype anyone?

If you could incorporate something like the Shiftmate (below) into a lever, maybe with a replaceable part that you swapped out for either Campag or Shim/SRAM? You could run practically anything with anything.

Jtek Engineering Shiftmate

I used them for my first PBP in '99. They were ok to use, if a little uncomfortable to grip (a funny plastic lump somewhere) but one lever ended up locking up the next year. I gave them to a friend to play with and stuck bar end shifters on the Frezoni after that.

Zoltan doesn’t use mismatched parts

Fixed that for you.