Monaro Cloudride 1000 - 2015

Anybody doing this?
I’m tempted…!classes/c1yws

Definitely see myself doing this in the future, just not ready for this years event… Look forward to hearing about how you found it if you do ride this year bigadz.

Maybe, I don’t know the area but with a tour guide perhaps :wink: what the weather like down that way in April or the chill factor I should say ?

My mate did it last year, its MTB territory, he didn’t finish, flooded rivers I think, lots of hike a bike apparently.

I am tempted, but probably busy over easter.

Can get cold in April, especially when it inevitably rains. Sub zero is unlikely but it might get close

Hike a bike because of ruts and rocks, steepness or other?

I think the crazy-ness of the “track” from memory, it took him some crazy amount of time to cover some very small distances.

I can’t do it cause of uni probs but would love to have a crack at some point.

I’m thinking of doing the route in three sections over the next few months

I’ll be up for that.

I think it will be a hard event

I talked to some Canberrans who were at the Kiwi Brevet, they wouldn’t do it again, which convinced me it wasn’t worth the travel to Canberra for and the entrance fee.

If I lived in Canberra and free over easter I might give it a go.

so disappointed this thread is not about holdens.

That bad hey?

Cumulus version (same distance, 6000 less vm and less challenging terrain) this year looks more promising

Looks pretty amazing but insane

i am basically committed to having a go at this ride. The cumulus version that is. Training underway and leave booked. Anyone else considering this event? I feel like the very low finish rate in previous years may have put a lot of people off - rational people that is!

I totally would if I wasn’t in NZ. Will have to book in for 2017.

Are you from the area?

From Melbourne. Haven’t ridden the area of the route. Though I gather the BNT out of Healesville has some similarities.