Monday (Labour day) Ride

Monday is a public holiday so to finish off Brisbane’s weekend of bike a few of us are heading down to Wynnum. Plan is to meet at my place at 1:30 for a 2pm departure. We’ll probably stop for some fish and chips at the beach and try to make it back before dark. Nathan is bringing the camera so hopefully we can get a big crew together to grab some footage. There are some great moderately sized hills on the way so it should be a good ride.

Address: 2/16 Leonard St, Woolloongabba. For those that haven’t been there before it’s the unit at the back, and you enter off Railway St.

Nice :smiley: i’ll see how the study goes but this weekend of bike is looking good.

you guys better roll up for this one!!!

its a lovely ride out to wynnum in the arvo, and what better way to top it off that some fush n chups out by the water!!!

and like dan said, from memory, if we go old cleveland way, there is only really 2 hills worth mentioning.

and wynnum road way… not even that…

Tonite i got my rowing clubs cocktail partay (biggest nite on the piss for the year)
Tomorow nite alleycat (hopefully head out after and write myself off)
Sunday beers at polo (if i am still alive)
Monday (Body will probably be in shut down mode)


  • I dont get arrested
  • Death by alcohol consumption


You missed pending #3

  • deportation

I live in wynnum, so i’ll keep my eyes peeled for the entourage rolling through…

What address (PM me if you’re shy)? Could you put out a drinks table?

ohhh thats my birthday! Put me down as a maybe, ride or a rock climb that arvo.

i just copped a savage beating trying to be the good samaritan to an indian cab driver… told some dudes that they should have paid for their cab ride, proceeded to show them some of my drunken bravado. Took on three guys and came off pretty bad, try to make it tomorrow though…

Not cool! But good on you for trying. I guess there are times when you have to stop and think is doing the right thing necessarily doing the right thing? Still got all your teeth?

all teeth accounted for, just one big fat lip and wounded pride. have a sweet ride

not good to hear j-dawg, you looked pretty hammered when you left rosies :stuck_out_tongue:

lovely ride sarvo chaps, as i was saying to dan, maybe we make it a once a month thing?? a nice ride out to wynnum for lunch??

I’d be up for making this regular. I’m bummed that I missed it. I had climbing planned but then had to bail on that too. (bailing seems to be a regular occurrence for me lately!) Had to pack up the apartment… God I hate moving. But now (hopefully) I will have a dedicated big studio! :smiley:

good fun. sweet tailwind home. yeah keen for once a month.

omg and the muffins… mmmm… mufff…ins

No way I’ll make it once a month. Maybe every now and then but I’ll be shot on site if I have another regular thing on.

Next months muffins will be…

Choc-Hazelnut and Banana!

I’m going to have to come now :oops:

Cath has seemed to of found my weakness…

i thought ur weakness was short shorts gypo??