Monday night ride

Hey guys,
There is a bunch of us that go for a social ride on the Monday night
Nothing to demanding just a cruise 20 to 30k round trip max.
all welcome!

7pm gold coast convention center

check the blog for updates
FIXIE GC – fixed gear gold coast

I will finally be able to get there this monday night, its a public holiday and i wont have to work!
i have been doing a Sunday arvo ride from Burleigh up to Main beach the last few weeks if anyone is keen on a peddal.


in regards to sunday some of us will be at the velodrome from 3 for a few hours if your keen for more updates

might come down if its not raining!

we will be riding tonight, all welcome!

bump. all welcome!

bump. riding tonight!

After read your post, I also want to go outdoor today…
Show me your pics…