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Peter Bundy Track Bike | eBay

fuck yeah, that’s nice!!

good size, will likely go for a fair bit, someone get on it!

This bike is properly nice.

This has already been discussed at length by the heavy hitters of the forum.


spoke to the guy when it first listed. He offered a price which I was more then happy to pay and then started getting all weird.

Very nice bike, never seen those decals before. The one on the headtube is 10x better than the traditional bundy font!

Weird how? Ha ha

Nitto ADB125AA bars too.

I don’t understand this seller at all…

Who made him the offer he couldn’t refuse? Coffee?


Hope it wasn’t more than $700 he was originally gunna sell it to me for…

What an enigma.

Who got it?

Qld crew didn’t get this one… all bets are on Mr Coffee…