More crazy ideas

oh, that’s bike rumor, not humor…

pretty funny, though i reckon i’d ride one indoors… why not? save my legs for when i’m out riding. ha!

Went to Singapore for the weekend and saw some promo on this - something abou a top speed of 5-6km/h and amazing battery life of about an hour.

Who else here can walk faster and longer than that?

Me thinks it would be fun to put some dweeb on it in the middle of a basketball court and throw fit balls at them to see if you could knock them over. Test the little fucker out.


easily the stupidest thing i’ve seen this century.

I’ve seen worse.

can’t agree more.

why don’t just walk?

This is the future of laziness.
As if it wasn’t bad enough for fat people to be able to ride old people buggies when out side instead of walking and doing exercise, now they can ride one of these bad boys and be even lazier. :x

Do you think they could “ride” it one handed? Eat a Big Mac at the same time?

anyone seen wall-e? this is the beginning

Not a doubt in my mind.

One thing I’ve learnt is that you can never underestimate the will power and determination of a fat person when you tempt them with McDonalds. Never.

“I’ll take one!”

Why don’t the kids on the ads look like this. Have i been lied to? :?

cant wait to see some clown on the 1 wheel segway on the bike path to work NOT