More CX

This could be a good deal
If this wasn’t a fraction too big I’d be all over making an offer… these frames have an excellent reputation and it has some nice parts.

Link dump!
This will be a nice frame - someone tell hotbrad he should buy it
Someone should buy this - make an offer as i’d guess it been up on ebay about 5 times so far.
Cheap light brakes

Sweet Ti CX forks

Sibex titanium cyclocross fork 1", Morati stickers | eBay

no-one should ride ti forks.

focus bikes are the new jake the snakes (in that there seems to be one up for sale each week).

Wonder what the seller has upgraded to then? I think the mares are pretty hot. Crabon no doubt

Here’s some gold.
Serotta HSG Cross Bike Cyclocross Frame 58cm American Made Steel! | eBay
Santa Cruz Stigmata 58cm Cyclocross Frameset Raw Silver | eBay

Somebody buy this, super cheap shipping and its a rad frame
Cheap canti pads

cheap crank brothers pedals

Do they accept Time ATAC cleats?


Damn. I don’t want two sets of shoes.

Get another pair of ATAC’s, they have a much more solid feel than egg beaters. And these dont include cleats so will end up being the same price as another pair of ATAC’s.

Seen the new Look pedals, to replace the Quartz?

New Look S-Track MTB Pedals Replaces Quartz - Bike Rumor

I was hating on it to start with, the lack of surface area?? but the cleat remedies that. The little platform addition looks good too. Not enough to make me change over the 6 or 7 pairs of Time ATAC that i have on my bikes though.

Bought a new bike and needed pedals - thanks Nik.

i was always curious about the quartzes, but again not enough to change the 5 or so sets of atacs i have (and love).

from a cx perspective they dont interest me as i like have a bit platform to use when i need to pedal quickly without being clipped in (and the additional platform looks large - but i could be wrong).

id suggest they will be of interest to current eggbeater users most of all.

good to see them continuing in the off-road market too.

for the victorians - its been on ebay for so long it had to come down in price.

Does anyone know the exact model of these pedals?

Sorry I can’t put a pic up because the work computer runs IE 7 and is stupid.

Just Candy 1s I think. Basic. No cleats, so not much of a deal considering you can get them new for around $50-60 online.