More idiotic product recalls - Avanti & Scott CX

Has anyone seen the device? Is it just a bolt that sits under the straddle to catch it?


Product recalls - Bicycle Victoria

5 May 2011. Cyclocross bikes produced by Scott and Avanti have been recalled in Australia because the front cantilever brakes do not meet legal requirements.
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has issued a recall notice because the bikes have not been supplied with a ‘front brake cable safety device’ as per the requirements of the pedal bicycle mandatory standard.
The ACCC says that in the absence of a front brake cable safety device, the sudden wheel stoppage caused by a front brake cable failure could result in injury.
Consumers should stop riding the bicycles immediately and contact Avanti Bicycle Company to be directed to the nearest authorised dealer to have a front brake cable safety device fitted.
Safety devices are available for fitting in-store at no cost to the consumer.
The models involved are Avanti Circa 1, Avanti Circa 2, model numbers A1CC15xx & A1CC25xx; and Scott CX Comp, Scott CX Team, model numbers 2181280xx & 2181290xx.
The bikes were available for sale from 30th June 2010 - 15th March 2011 from Avanti & Scott authorized dealers throughout Australia.

I’ve never seen a “safety cable device” on anything other than cheaper shimano canti’s. Even then its more an integral part of the brakes than an additional piece.

Is this the same recall they had for the Surly’s?
Another nail in the canti coffin! :smiley:

I thought I’d seen this before. It happened with SURLY last year.

Horatio, I know you’re loving this, but cantis are sweet mate!

The solution for Surly LHT/Crosschecks is to fit reflectors with brackets that pass under the straddle. Which will almost certainly be removed as soon as the bike leaves the shop.

Even more ridiculously, if a shop fits full fenders to one, so the wire can’t possibly contact the tyre, and doesn’t fit the reflectors, they’re in breach of the Standard and could be penalised.

Plus, the LHT has slick tyres, so even if it does contact the tyre, there’s no way you could endo the bike.

Those Avantis/Scotts don’t have Shimano cantis I don’t think, so won’t have link wires, which was Shimano’s original solution for the US market.