More Merckx Madness

FRAME SET EDDY MERCKX MODEL TRACK FIXIE COLOMBUS TUBS - eBay Bicycles Frames, Cycling, Outdoor Sports, Sporting Goods. (end time 08-May-10 06:41:47 AEST)

same seller and waaaaaaay nicer imo

VINTAGE ROAD BIKE BASSO LOTO RECORD C SLX TUBING - eBay Vintage, Cycling, Outdoor Sports, Sporting Goods. (end time 09-May-10 07:46:01 AEST)

Merckx is nice, but the Basso is nicer
saw some delta’s in the flesh for the first time on the weekend. sooo hot!

I thought that Basso was a single speed, all the cogs look to be within a tooth of each other.

Columbus Cromor is still nice…

I was waiting for your thought on the tubes…

not really a relevant comparison to say a complete road bike is “nicer” than a track frame and fork…

both added to watch list.

Steel tubing snobs will say that Cromor is heavy and a bit plumbers-pipe but I enjoy riding it. It’s well superseded now by better technology steel tubes.
A track frame made of Cromor actually makes a lot of sense in terms of having a thicker tube wall thickness so it’s a bit stronger for sprinting and the added 100grams doesn’t really matter that much at the velodrome…
I remember seeing a link to some nice track frame made from Aelle MTB tubing- can you imagine how strong that sucker would be?!

basso looks like my new one, but in a different colourscheme. extra looking forward to riding it!

Yeah Nick I’m looking forward to seeing it! Is Basso Italiano or somewhere else?