Moser - 57cm Roadie Conversion

Not a bad buy, bit of a mix of components but decent quality.

Not sure what tubing Giro is though?


F Moser “giro” mid 80s Single speed Fixie Road bike fixed | eBay

wow, sweet deal.

could easily be parted and and sold for almost twice as much…

Indeed, but who could be bothered!!

Is nice though!

you got the sydney connections brah!

I do! But I don’t want it ha h

If I bought this the first thing I’d do would be to convert it back to a road bike. I don’t understand why people convert quality road frames to fixed.

its soooo nice… want.

either this for $600 or a viner my size 57 X 57 for $400 with possibility of campag groupset… in everyones opinion, moser frame is worth more right?

Cheap way to get a bike rollin’.

At the same timeyou can see what it rides like before you go to the expense of sourcing all the extra parts.

They make for better all day street riders than a lot of track frames, and easy to run brakes.

Don’t have to pay a premium for a genuine track frame.

Roll on what you got.

would love this bike (to convert back to road) if i had some spare cash!

Looks to be Oria steel? :

does anyone know much about it?

Edit: found this

Steel Renaissance: Oria Tubing Specs

nice one! so the CSS 52 seems ok?

Brakes and bottle cages… They make great fixed wheel machines for the street IMO

I’m currently on the look out for a good frame - either track or road I don’t care so long as it’s my size, noice and within my budget.

you passed on that local paganini???

Try to buy local. Just because someone can take pics and list on eBay doesn’t mean they know how to pack and ship a bike so it doesn’t get squashed by couriers.

I know, just didnt quite have enough reddies at the time. Will probably be a while before anything like that comes up again.

Things are looking better money wise soon, bought some Sugino 75’s the other day and a campy front hub.

sh1t bra, i couldve bought it and held it for ya, a set of porteur bars and i probably coudlve made it fit me!

anyone interested in this moser? i’m thinking of taking it.

some one pick it up?

i hear that.