Most disturbing skinsuit ever?

Pee Wee Herman:

Found: Pee Wee Herman Skinsuit - Bike Rumor

yes, yes it is…or for the bike loving marriage, like to see the bride version

Would wear, tempted to purchase. Also the “hipster” v neck/jeans skinsuit is amazing.

Fake or real chest hair?



Peewee Hincapie

Would wear. Heaps sick. It’s pretty heap too at $149 - tempted to buy…

As apposed to this outfit…

That’s fucking terrible!

Holy shit, that nazi one.

Just wondering, has anyone ever seen the rugged bloke kit on the road?

Yes, sadly. There has been a bit of it showing up around Brisbane.

Prince Harry’s?

The peewee is great!

This is way more disturbing:

just keeping things casual… Can you imagine them coupled with a set of these:

Oh dear, that is unfortunate

quite good (bad).

I dunno…

I reckon this might just be a contender…

MANKINI - Cycle Atlas

what the fuck are they doing.

Apart from making me nauseous? NFI

Get on trend.