Most Expensive Chopped Bars

Cinelli RAMs :roll: (seen on Bike Snob NYC)



oops - I fail

You can thank Cam Norris for that photo.

What i find most disturbing about this photo is that the quick release is open on the brakes. :roll:

One the stupidest fixie related photos I have seen all week…
Good luck to the d00d when they get over the fixie fad and decide to sell it lol… :evil:

I do that a bit on the roadie, mainly when racing. It’s just so my brakes aren’t so ‘grabby’ in tight bunches.

I doubt that’s the case here though.

perhaps the bars in their initial guise were damaged, so this was the alternative to the bin.

I’m guessing owner works at a bike shop and got em for nicks when a customer damaged em. Why not :stuck_out_tongue: something a bit different.

for a second i almost thought it was your old bike too marty :stuck_out_tongue:

or lawyer daddy is in for a shock when he drags his fat arse out for his first summer tootle along beach rd to discover his roadie has no handlebars anymore

or the bars are stolen…

So the brake lever is attached with a bolt?

Chopped and drilled, nice spotting there detective :smiley:

This has to be a very expensive joke, or already broken bars? Either way, if you’re going to do it at least finish it off properly with some end caps!

Reminds me of the easton track bars that I once saw chopped & flopped.

and risk those valuable points. no thank you. :wink:

Stolen from another forum.

Supposedly the guy who owns it has put about 7g into it, but retail would be closer to 12 or so if retail prices were paid.

imagine the tears if he got a scratch on it.

i guess this falls under the ‘if you got the cash, why the fark not’

i mean theres guys who convert bikes from the tip, then you get guys who buy off the shelf, then those who buy track NJS frames and build them to spec for the street, then you get guys who chop carbon fibre bars or run super carbon fibre frames and wheelsets as fixed gears.

it’s all relative.