Mountainbiking "Into The Wild"

Check out this adventure on, not fixed, but 2 of 3 did singlespeed.

great read. sounds like an amazing trip.
the concept seems a little contradictory though: vaguely recreate/attempt a journey that was popularised by a film about escaping society and getting back to nature and then post photos and a video of it on the internet. oh and deliberately not taking enough food with no means of acquiring more (gun/fishing rod etc) is just retarded.

Kind of like flying overseas for a week to go on a pilgrimage.

“How many days of food do you have?” asked the Denali National park Service backcountry permit form. Dylan gave a wry smile and wrote the number 5 in the blank, my stomach groned at the thought as I think about the 2 days packed in my frame bag. Maybe our plan is a bit ambitious, but that’s how a good trip usually starts.