Movember - The sworn enemy of the beard thread

The fury, itchy, women hating month of movember is nearly upon us. I have given it a miss for the last few years, but this year I will give it a royal kick in the tash. If anyone is doing it this year, share your strategies, progress pics and mo growth.

Here is a link to my mo page:

Movember Australia - Home

Awesome! Have done movember for the last couple of years. I grow the dirtiest Mexican tasche ever. Giving it a miss this year but. Already sporting full growth and don’t want to look ridiculous for a charity ball I’m attending in November!

do it!! yeah its pretty much movember on a mine site all year round. will attempt to grow one though

Liam, good to see others on here are getting involved! I’m also doing it again this year. Watch out for a donation from Evan, that’d be me.

i,m in, wife don,t like it but hey…bring it on

Mo’s (and beards) are for life, not just for Movember.

Although as a mental health nurse I have to support anything that highlights men’s health and particularly men’s mental health. I’ll donate, but my beard stays intact.

One year I had to pull out early. I decided to propose to the now wife… I didn’t want her to remember that day with me looking like that. She probably wouldn’t have said yes otherwise.

Yeah I’ll support for sure, money pending. After the response and donations I got from this forum I’d go as far as to support a go to work naked day, and I teach TAFE 2 days a week. ROUGH!

Oh, don’t feel the need to donate to me!! Movember is a big thing, there will be blokes asking you to donate left right and centre. This was more a thread to see how many people are doing it this on this site and share pics and generally have a laugh at each others expense… all for a good cause of course. Lokione, I think it would be better if you concentrate your $'s on your event :slight_smile:

Once again I’ll be getting the mo on for Movember.

Can I suggest a bit of inspiration? Pro’s with Mo’s!

Haha, awesome idea… I will dedicate my mo page to moustaches that ruled the pelaton.

I make a poor attempt at a mo this time every year as well.

Donate. Or the kids get it.

Cool as Ezylee. What do recon the chances are of getting the girls to do a grooming event to raise awearness of cervical cancer?

^ golf clap

i maintain that movember is now the enemy of the moustache, relegating its once proud year round existence to a measely 30 days. still, it’s a good cause.

they’ll be bound to be other blokes looking silly mate, all in the name for charity, so i doubt it would be an issue =)

what he said, I hate having a moustache in november

I’m not even sure if Johan has a mo here or it’s just a well placed ‘Flanders facial’.

Mow-vember?? No-Movember??