Moving Servers

FOA may be a bit flakey over the coming days, as I do a migration to faster hardware. Apologies in advance!


Good work, it’s great you’re still striving to improve the forum.

Great, looking forward to faster FOA. Even though current performance seems pretty good to me. Thanks!

It’s quite fast now, but somewhat flakey at times. Also it’s part of a grander scheme, including a redesign - Even a new logo (thanks EzyLee!)

Oh awesome! was wondering when the new logo would get a showing.

Can you give me an idea of daily traffic on the forum? Pretty curious as to how many people visit this website.

Not a huge amount - Approx 1k unique visitors a day at the moment. Usually more in summer.

1K and we couldnt get Coffee Ben across the line, shame, shame, shame.

A significant portion of that traffic is not active participant traffic - Ie. there is a ton of traffic that flows in from google with people just searching for parts, etc…

And then we get them with the trading access!

Haha take that googlers!

FOA has been moved to its new home - Please advise if there are issues, or if the site is slower - I’m now in the position to be able to dial it up & down and find the sweet spot.

Cool.! I would like to offer my free services to get Tapatalk working as well, I’ve done a few vBulletin/Tapatalk setups in the past 18 months, let me know if there is a particular area you’re stuck.

Hey, thanks for the offer - Well, the issue I don’t think is with me or the forum - I have followed their procedure and inserted the required JS code, however it doesn’t seem like we’re getting a listing with them… But perhaps I’ve missed a vital step which I’m not aware of…

It’s either Vodafone actually working, or the forum is working hella quick now. I assume the latter.

6k here I come!

Oh yeah, good work!

has my avatar disappeared?

edit: looks like it has. no big deal.

Avatars look ok for other people, are you sure it’s not just an unrelated and isolated incident?

The site was all over the place last night around 11pm or so. I couldn’t get past the forum menu. Just kept getting 404 msgs.
Anyone else have that prob or just me?

At 11pm last night I was literally in the middle of moving the site, hence the issues…

It’s working A LOT faster for me today.