Moving to Brisbane.

Hey blokes, In sept/oct 2014 me and the girlfriend will be moving to somewhere around the brisbane area for me
to hopefully go to uni/work.

My question is what suburbs should we be looking at and which should we stay away from?
we are budgeting around 300-350 a week but not sure where to look.


Also, if anyone is in the trade sector are mature aged apprentices looked for or are most places taking on younger people?

South Side! Everyone on the North Side (except Ryhs) is a dick. What Uni/Campus? West End, Wooloongabba, Annerley, Fairfeild, Dutton Park, High Gate Hill, Kangeroo Point are all good spots and more than a few FOA crew reside round here.

stones corner, coorparoo, west end, st lucia, milton, paddington, rosalie, auchenflower, certainly are planning well ahead!

thanks guys!

300-350 budget?

most place ive been looking at are arround the 380-420 mark for a semi nice 2-3 bedder(house, i dont like apartments)

just a heads up is all

Nah those figures are fine for securing a ballin gaf at the 'Ridge

Probably next door to the infamous twins

What do you want? Brisbanes a small city in a huge area of suburbs so do you want to be close to the city unit or house?
Houses in good condition inner city suburbs say 5km radius are $700 plus units $400 plus
Obviously you can get older units for less

I’m a tradie and age dosnt worry me more attitude but that being said I’ve never had a mature age apprentice but I’m moving to MLB. My 2c are try for all the gov roles like qr and council then drive to every site you can begging for a start as a labourer then work your ass of be assertive and you may get out on as an apprentice, but be clear of your intensions straight up.

I’m a builder but my advice is try electrical or plumbing as it’s easier to go out on your own and the money is good.
If you want carpentry do the builders tafe course while you look for work so that when you finish your carpentry app you can get your builders ticket straight up.

Ideally we want a place further out but dont want to be limited by cycleways/bus routes.
my partner would like to live closer to coomera/helensvale, is it too far or a headfuck to travel into brisbane every day?
I’m heading to the GC in march and july so we will drive around and decide which suites us best.

as for the trades advice, thanks mate.

btw which shop did you get work in? I’ll pop in sometime during the new year

Nah, Brisbane’s fuct. I recommend anyone from Melbourne moving to Sydney.

(But if you come via Christmas Island you are welcome)

pack a flak jacket and get a glock

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gotta prove yourself straight off the plane

And if you bring a glock make sure you set it back an hour to allow for daylight savings.

True, last time I came up I had to wait an hour to kill anyone

and if your moving to coomera/helensvale dont forget to re-badge your commdore with chevy badge and dub stickers

Nah i’ve got a Hyundai Sexcel with a unit sticker


See, that’s why Qlders are different to southerners. We target particular people rather than random attacks on innocent parties.

^don’t forget the spinner caps

way back up the top someone said south side, coomera is not south side its north side gc.

we dont want coomera logan can have them