Mr Dyan's Roobaix BLACK SHEEP entry!!!

Hey everyone, I have a video to share with you all.

YouTube - Mr Dylan’s black sheep entry Melburn Roobaix 2011

Featuring spirito’s arm warmers.
and two trees!

That. Was. Odd.

Two trees but no purple penguins?

whaaaat the

needs more 29er

I’ll have what he’s having !

nice entourage…

i don’t believe you made the dance section of this video just for M R…

I recorded it last night, I was afraid it would come out like that LAM, but y’know, it is.
I got to the theatre last night and said to everyone ‘let’s record this dance, I want to with this thingo, you don’t have to know what it’s for, just dance, alright?’ and everyone was like ‘ok, how should we dance?’ and I said ‘just copy me!’ and we went with it.
Admittedly I didn’t buy the cape specifically for the video though.

Dylan, you’ve outdone yourself. That was hilarious.

If the internet was turned off for good this could well be one of the finest moments if not the single most inspiring highlight ever. On a scale of 1 to 10 … this rates 211. Then again your talent is something very few people fully understand and it may well never receive the credit it deserves.

Well done and fwiw cool track … I’m gone bust moves all day now.

On a different matter but not unrelated to your SuperStar status I’ve posted the Molteni Team car pic below and think you should paint your ute in such colours/style.

Already been done in melbs spirito. I think the dude who owns Crino Cycles has a Volvo station wagon in this colour scheme with decals.

yeah, but no ute’s - Molteni Team Ute’s are super rare :wink:

Dylan, you should have ridden the tall bike around on stage while everyone was dancing…
that would have made me laugh.
I just pictured napoleon dynamite…

molteni ute eh?

Anyways, the tall bike is retired daniel, shit is VERY dangerous.
I didn’t think of napoleon dynamite when doing this.

were you wearing leggings??

No they were just really skinny jeans
One of the guys who wasn’t in the video thaught I was wearing tights when he looked at me from 3m away. We were backstage tghough and it was kinda dark.
I put some tights on afterwards over the top of my jeans.

I’ll find a picture.

ergh I look soooo fat in the picture but oh well.

Maybe I need to buy leggings.

nah its all good, i’ll take your word for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Also whilst rummaging through the costume and props cage last night, I managed to end up in this situation: