Mr Magoriums fixie

my first post. and first fixie!
i had to start with something. hopefully in the coming months i will be able to post up my “real” fixie.
i didn’t get time to use the “club” decal to give it a real colnago feel. but it does come equipped with the top bar!

mate i tried loading this thing up, but i got nothing… it loaded the first flash file, and then got to the next and stalled at 0%.


That be cause you’re on a boat, MEE-Hearties, Yeeeeaaaarrrr!!!

Still this post don’t mean shit…

mmm… bugga. great first post. maybe try and reload the page again??

tried it man, several times… no go.

is it your flash work? im on a mac, tried in opera and firefox…


yeah. im on mac as well. running safari 3.0.3
yes “we” [meaning work] did make it.
i will talk to the guys at work tomorrow about it.

its nothing really that special.


Hmm… Odd

well i’m intrigued now, so you have to make it work :slight_smile:



Same for me, using FF on PC.