Mrs. Spirito is not impressed ....

At this time of year spouses start asking questions. Subtle but fairly easy to read … obviously she’s trying to figure out what to buy me for X-Mas. Something special, something I really want. She’s so sweet like that and I love that she’s considerate.

So, I didn’t pamby about and straight up asked her for my wildest dreams. She ignored the requests for ridiculous exotic cars, impossibly rare bikes & threesomes with Dylan (as usual) but she did scour eBay for an afternoon trying to buy me an “as Cipolllini wore” skinsuit.

She wasn’t familiar with what these looked like and when i got home she looked at me like she discovered something about me that had long been hidden and she wasn’t entirely comfortable with. Like I was a stranger, how could I … I didn’t think you’d be like that. Very funny … she’s a little bit scared that I’m some kind of weirdo/sicko.

“Baby, that’s hideous” she said. “Why would you want one of those” … “where would you wear it”? She doesn’t get that it’s the coolest shit ever. Of course I told her that it costs too much and I don’t want a short arm/leg version … I’d only really want the full length one and that If I had such a thing I’d wear it everywhere. Out on rides, to bed, surfing, getting groceries, just hanging out with the dog etc … as you would.

She just doesn’t get it.

Mario Cipollini “muscle” skinsuit Cannondale Saeco rare | eBay

that is super hot but as i laughed my wife asked to see and declared your wife a women of good sense and taste. to hell with could wear the longsleve top with the carrera jean lng leg bottoms,

Now I’m in trouble.

She’s glanced over and seen that I’ve posted a thread about this and says I’ve made her out to seem prudish, and like a knob.

Mrs. Spirito has promised that instead of the Cippo skinsuit she’ll buy me 10kg’s of bacon rashers and stitch them together for me so it looks like what Cippo wore. Even pointed out that the fatty part of the bacon would act like a chamois butter. Lot cheaper than a $600 skinsuit.

She loves me. She knows the idiot she has shacked up with.

Yeah, or as I like to call that outfit…Horatio.

Get amongst that…my buddy used to be a butcher, he ran a smokehouse for a couple of years. He still smells a bit like bacon & the ladies can’t get enough of him :wink: .

Has anyone seen that bacon flavored lube? Oh man! Eww! And bacon flavored chapstick!
Also, 3somes with me eh?
Down like a clown from brown town.


Gaga paying homage to cippo.

^— now this is weirdo and perverted. Can you hold my chicken fillet purse for me?

I really like how you write about your wife. Almost poetic… you must be in love


hahaha, great story and I’m siding with your wife.
That is pretty horrible, no matter who wore it!!

Thanks for quoting the entire original post, I’d completely forgotten it by the time I got to post #10 in the thread.

$600 for that? Wow. As much as I’d love one, what would I do with it? I’m not really into wearing garish kit anymore.

Little Rhys is all growed up.

I knew that statement would invoke comments from somewhere.

Glad to be of service.

Would you draw the line at wearing it on a recumbant?

Sure, like Mr. Dyldo I’m Bent Curious.