MS Sydney to Gong 2018

So we’ve got a work team for the Syd to Gong ride this year, and now have a large number of enthusiastic fundraisers who are planning to ride 80kms to Wollongong in November.

Given there are a number of newer riders (or less active riders) in the group, I wanted to give some training or preparation pointers.

Does anyone know of good beginner resources I could send around? Found this so far: Register - British Cycling. Or should I instead suggest people join a local club’s beginner rides?

I don’t have specific training ideas, but I tell people who are new to it that they need to be able to do 30km/2 hours without stopping except for lights and the usual traffic. That seems to be a convenient point between rest stops and refuelling/stretching/getting off the bike points. Especially if doing the 80km, as the run from the start to Loftus is about 30km from memory. I will see if I have any of the old Gong Ride training plans (I notice they haven’t got one up yet for this year).

For more specific tips:
‘The RNP hill is longer than you think, pace yourself’ - so many people seem to attack the front and walk the back end of that hill.
‘The first half is easier than the second half’ - from RNP to Wollongong is roller coaster time and the hill at Austinmer gets nasty.

I had a workmate who did the 56 first time last year, will see what he did.

Carol Cooke has a 12 week training program on the Gong Ride website now.

Cheers FG. Added those to our intranet for the newbs.

Looks like we’ll be going with Scody for a custom company kit. They sent us some samples for sizing, but they seemed a little whack. I fit the medium bibs and could squeeze into smalls (a bit tight). But jerseys I was more like a large?

Anyone had scody stuff before?

Haven’t personally owned any scody stuff, but the new audax aus kits are done by scody. so must be comfortable. possibly hit up their facebook group?