Mt Baw Baw Classic

i’m intrigued by internet trolls. i really don’t understand the inclination.

i may write a thesis on them.

+1 lol

soundtrack for thread

when its all said and done i don’t really get what was in ti’s post for him to deserve so much bull shit,
but fuck i don even know what the word troll mean’s but im sure i do it all the time and the majority of my input is way more off topic than ti’s first post in this thread, sure the whole bringing up andy thing is a bit weird but whatever
i dunno what he’s posted in the past but i don’t see the need for all the hate xbx, as a school teacher i thought you’d be sick of people acting childish…

and back on topic

baw baw sounds killer, those photos are sick and good luck gogo419, perth represent coz you know we bring the ruckus

(waiting for xbx to grind me into the dirt with internet words somehow then get the topic locked)

I think xBBx’s problem was that he had a go at Andy White. Read into that what you will.

Andy’s a top bloke and does a lot for our urban riding community and we’re very lucky to have him here in Melburn. It just seems that some people hit a nerve with others when taking on certain people on the internerd for some reason.

I am pleased to read some more constructive posts Re. my initial message about the Baw Baw Classic and Andy White.

I don’t want to make this post into an epic although it is important for me to take responsibility for what I write especially if it is about another person who is well known to people who use this forum.

I do not know Andy White.

I have seen his website a few times and read a few of his entries. Some of his photographs are interesting to me.

I have had a long relationship with bicycles/riding etc. for many years, I did the whole racing thing, rode solo around the world, written for magazines etc. etc.

When I was younger I used to ride to Sydney (sleeping on the side of the Hume highway with a jacket) just because it was $45.00 cheaper than the bus…

These days I work long hours again with bicycles and although I would like to go out for a ride here and there my work pays better that the results of club racing.

I feel that my experience with bikes is nothing amazing, I did not invent the wheel, I have not won the Tour De France and I am sure I never will.

I may be wrong although when I look at Andy’s website I feel as though he thinks that he needs to impress the public with his stories of epic rides, his work as a messenger in various countries and himself in general and this makes me question him as a person and wonder why he tries so hard to become known as the guy who has done everything possible on a bike.

I am sure if I met Andy he would probably be quite nice although last time I saw him and tried to speak with him he seemed more interested in meeting with the who’s who of the Melbourne bike scene than talking with the guy on his own with dirty clothes (me).

I don’t want to upset people on the forum, I just write what I feel.

I could go on and write about this and that although I really only wanted to let people understand that it is not my intention to create angry threads and test people on the forum, I am sure that if xbrendanx and I went for a ride we would have a great time- I would beat him up the hills and he would kill me in the sprints (just joking).

I hope the guy doing the Baw Baw Classic got the information he wanted even if the response to his thread were only 20% related to the race…

haha, still logged in as casey. this is brendan!

if folks wanna have a crack at andy, they can go for their lives. but perhaps it’s not really necessary / warranted in a thread that has absolutely nothing to do with him. which is kinda why i branded Ti a troll.

this being said, andy is a mate, and you better believe i’m going to be a bit defensive when my mates are being personally attacked, whether on the internet or in real life. matty, if someone was having a similar swing at you i’d do exactly the same.

i think Ti definitely has a fuckload to offer this forum - his history and his post on sticking tubulars totally illustrates this. i for one would like to see more posts like that, and less that seem intent on pissing people off.

hell, i need all the advice on climbing hills i can get.

and Ti, i go for a thre hour recovery ride every sunday. gears, lycra, road bikes, flat, slow. sometimes people from the forum come along, sometimes they don’t. if you wanna come for a roll, pm me your number and i’ll hit you up. the internet is mostly bullshit, and it’s much easier talking shit in real life.

Not fooling anyone casey! Might ride next sunday brendan…

casey does way more than 3 hours on sundays…

That’s why I’m gonna roll with her instead. Hard (wo)man racing.

In all seriousness, I’ll be in touch later this week for Sunday riding shenanigans.

oh man, we should’ve hung out more while you were here. i’m still laughing about a fart i did last week (and then blamed on the cat).

Thanks bro.

I find some of Ti’s posts quite entertaining. I’ve certainly had a few run ins with him but I’d sure as hell rather this guy around taking the piss than the majority of the users who’s email ends in .edu.

At least he has a solid knowledge base and takes responsibilty for what he’s written.

Andy White is easy to bash on here and I’ve had a few cracks myself (and vice versa) and none of it’s personal. He certainly gives a lot to the community but can be perceived to take as well.

It’s amazing what a couple of public holidays can achieve, I would never normally put so much effort into a single thread.

I would love to go out for a ride some time although because of work (I work 70-80 hours per week) I am only available some evenings.

If you want to do the Dandenongs after work one night (I can meet you in the city at about 7:30, after doing 1/20 a couple of times we should get back to Melbourne at around 11 or so…) otherwise we can just see what happens and meet by chance one day at some bike thing or other.

I was only joking about the Dandenongs.

I am glad we cleared the air, I think that it was wrong of me to raise issues about somebody (Andy White) in text form on a website that caters to a minority culture in which he is such a big part of.

I know that many people like Andy and value his contribution to the Melbourne fixed gear scene.

Time for a group hug!

yeah, me in the hills = probably the funniest thing you’ve said.


The jury’s still out…

I’m back from my X’th beer now - you come across as a bit of a cock Ti (I’m sure I’m wrong) but you derailled a good forum topic.

I’ve never ridden Baw Baw, and have never been a climber, but riding Mt Buffalo 20 years ago is one of my favourite climbing memories. Victoria definately has the best scenic climbs ( and flowing descents) in Aus.

its all the coffee brendan, gotta put him on that herbal shit

Two words: Viceroy Fizzlebottom.

oh man, this forum could totally use some viceroy fizzlebottom.