Mt Buller - Epic Trail

I couldn’t find much info online but am wondering if driving to Buller for the day what is the best place to start / way to ride the New Epic Trail?

plenty of info in here.

Mount Buller new EPIC trail

I am hoping to get down there before next winter. check the FLOW MTB Magazine website, there’s heap of info there as well.

the best way is to bring me so i can ride it too!

Going Monday

Sad Face.

How was it Reuben?

I rode the Epic on it’s second weekend.

If you’re day tripping, the best way it to drive up early, park at Mirimbah and get the 9am shuttle up to the top and then ride down, drive home.

The trail is a mix. It takes in the Stonefly climb up to the Bluff Spur hut, but then wastes all of that climbing with a fireroad descent down to Telephone Box Junction, where there’s a cafe up and running that serves some pretty good food and coffee.

After that, there’s sections of fireroad and singletrack before the last ~10km of newly built flowing downhil tot he river and then back up to Mirimbah.

It’s worth the ride, but I think I like the Stonefly descent more, especially more than losing all my climbing down a fireorad!.. the Epic trail feels like it has more climbing than it actually does, I’ve climbed more on most Gravel Grinders and felt better for it.

I reckon in future I’ll probably chose to ride Stonefly, then back to the Delatite River trail to Mirimbah, but time will tell.

Go and give it a go!

I really want to go ride some Mt Buller - Melb FoAers… we should do a long weekend down there. Find a place, hang out, ride, beer, repeat.

can provide support car & 4wd adventures in between rides.

would attend.

I could also be up for this, dates depending, could swing through can-brah on the way down…


Might also be keen. I’m slow but, as the WNR crew found out last night. Didn’t like being that guy, but still had a blast.

Yeah id be keen for that too. Hoping on getting up there to check it out around mid feb for a weekend

Anyone know Buller at all? Accommodation options for a larger group?

Just something to whet the appetite.


Try some ski lodges, some can house 20+ easy.

Yeah we stayed in a cheap lodge the one and only time I went up, from memory it wasn’t crazy expensive. Plus they had a kitchen which was a plus because the food options were not very good and very expensive. I’d be keen to check this out, I just need to get some new wheels first…

yeah is super cheap in summer, is very bike friendly and is spacious and comfortable without being fancy. if you ignore that it used to be owned by the Liberal party it’s an awesome place to stay.

Is there some lets call it more fun orientated riding available? I’m pretty much calling 2015 the year of the MTB and am keen for everything that involves dirt and fun.