Mt Cootha Fixed

I have photos for proof, but Nath and I did the Mt Cootha loop on the weekend, and it can be done…easily. The downhill is fine, as long as you feather the front brake. We should strongly consider doing this on one of our rides, even just to tick it of the ‘to-do’ list.

My knees hurt just thinking about that :slight_smile:

Did you do go round the front or the back way?

The descent would be great fun though, you can hit some pretty serious speed on the last section.

Count me in for next time, provided I can change my gearing a bit.

we turned left at the Mt. Cootha lookout road, which I assume is the ‘front’ way. Then returned via the TV stations and down the ‘back’(?). Not much detail in this one, but you might be able to spot the midnight fix spoke cards:

It was a great ride, we should all do it for sure!