Mt Dandenong

Riding from Melbourne out to Mt Dandenong on wednesday. Does anyone know whether the Burwood Highway is the best option for getting out there? If anyone wants to come along let me know. We’ll be leaving around 8am.

I find Canterbury better or even Maroondah.

I’ve made a route that includes bike paths here. I used to ride this from Hawthorn but I’ve extended it to start at Fed Square. Check out the bike paths before you go using the bv maps. Most are pretty good condition hot mix, some sections are the slab concrete style, no gravel from memory though. Once you get to liverpool road decide which way you want to go. The route I’ve indicated is a real killer! Might be better to go a bit further south and start on the tourist road if you want to add an extra km to the climb.


Edit: I forgot to add that Canterbury Road only gets really hectic after Blackburn road. There are options but they add time and kms to get around using back streets. I can send you another link showing a back street route if you like.

Excellent. Many thanks for this, Ant.

Angry, I should’ve guessed you’d have this one under your belt already :smiley: