Mt Donna Buang

Sticking this in here as it’s gone less dirt and more just a big slowcial ride. Most of us are on cx or similar. There is the odd chance of singletrack and definate rail trail type stuff.

Sunday 29th

Meet at 8:45 at Cog @ Warburton, leaving at 9am. pm myself or DICE if you plan on coming.

Havent thought the loop out to much. But follows the rail and aquaduct trails in a couple of spots. It will resemble circuit… Start out by heading west along the trail, up don rod, across to donna buang. roughly 55-60k and 1500m climbing. Maybe more maybe less.

Depending on peoples fitness/time/weather/etc was going to try and see if we cant get outselves lost between donna buang road/acheron way and Oshanessy Resivour and then follow the trail back down to warby which will make for 100k or more if we get lost. If we do go this way will make for alot of dirt.

100% self supported - weather forcast for the top of the Mountain is a barmy maximum 0°c with a forcast of up to 5cm snow so dress to impress…

Current crew is…

Me - Drakkar
James - Masi CX
DICE - xcheck?
DICE’s bro - random touring rig.

Bah! Can’t make it to Warby by 8:45am. I still plan to ride Donna Buang on the 29th, so hopefully I’ll see you guys up there

Where are you coming from we ‘might’ have a space in the wagon waiting to here back. If DICE is driving? he has space for a few, not sure if the seats are full or not.

Awesome day! ended up being only 3 of us.

Was amazingly foggy for a good part of the day and riding up into the clouds was very cool. Didn’t track the ride but going off the map above was roughly 45km of riding purely up hill with a couple of sections of stupid steep. and ~60 total My legs couldn’t handle much more that though, the decent back to town was a heap of fun.

Will definitely be going back to ride the rest of the aquaduct trail, one of the guys had a brown pants moment when he lost the front while riding over a stick and that just about shot him int the aquaduct. Riding while the snow is falling heavily is very very cool. Riding at 50km/h with an ambient temp of roughly -2 with wet gloves and shoes that are no longer windproof very much not cool. Otherwise my kit kept me very comfy all day long.

Photo’s to come once my camera acclimatises and stops sweating.

Couple more shots in my flikr, I couldnt get a thing right camera wise today :frowning:

_MG_0085-1 by shuttercycles, on Flickr

_MG_0102-1 by shuttercycles, on Flickr

_MG_0114-1 by shuttercycles, on Flickr

_MG_0116-1 by shuttercycles, on Flickr

_MG_0122-1 by shuttercycles, on Flickr

Great ride, I enjoyed going through the Flickr page!

Photos look good to me. Sounds like you had a great day!

So grim! Awesome photo.

/\ album cover worthy!

So planning on doing a similar ride this year. snow report is looking good!

Was going to do the bigger loop mentioned in my first post. No firm dates yet. Pace will be slow. Anyone keen?

I was planning on doing a variation on the dirty donna when it’s snowy this winter too. Either on 28s or the CX bike.

fuckkk, looks sick. I want in on round 2!

Last year we had no traction issues, LOTS of tree litter and plenty of corrugations and exposed rock if that helps your decision.

Yeah, I’m keen.

If I can get a bike ready, I’m keen as.

Did you guys go up the dirt road from Don rd?

i’d be keen if i can get some more k’s into the legs before you go.

It was warby > aquaduct > don > donna buang seasonal road > archeron way.

next time round will do warby > aquaduct towards the reservoir > work out a way back to acheron > DB summit > acheron down to warby.

Put money on it your fitter/faster than me. my dreams are much bigger than my legs can handle. Will be a cruise.

suppose there’s only one way to find out…