Mt Joyce mtb park - QLD

Mt. Joyce - About Mt. Joyce Recreation Park
Heading there tomorrow to spend the day exploring.
40k’s of trails, 4 camping sites (only one open at present).
14 k from Beaudesert.

Sounds sweet, how did you go there? got many pics of the scenery/trails?

We rode 30k today. SS was a workout. Sore shoulders tonight.

A clear day when we arrived, but it was 0 degrees.
The forested hills across the lake are where the mtb trails are situated.

Not too many pics, too busy riding.

This is Mt Joyce base camp. A old homestead that has been gutted of fixtures and windows. It is along the Shoreline trail. It is now a camping base. 2nd pic is my mate Pete and the compost dunny.

Me riding the wall at the bottom of track 1 today.

Such an awesome place…been looking for a new place to ride for a bit. Any local stores nearby?

It is crying out for a cafe/bike shop in Beaudesert.
There is a plan for a cafe/bike/canoe hire, on site in the next couple of years.

I know Beaudesert has all the cafes/fast food/petrol…ETC ETC but that is 14ks away. Oh well guess for now ill pack a lunch and shit. I can not wait to check this place out.

Heading down again on Sunday morning.

That wall is bad ass Gordy, nice pic.

Heading out again tomorrow morning. Public holiday in these here parts.

Our mate Andy threw up on the way home.
Famous last words, “this Endura tastes funny”.
Thanks for joining us Brendan.