MTB 1x9

Hello there,

I finally found some time and gathered enough parts to build up my Charge XC bike.

Its a full budget rig.

Im thinking of running 1x9.

What front chain device or chain ring should I run?

I want something light and simple. So no e13 or MRP are an over kill.



Front mech locked out for a guide. Any narrow wide ring that meets your budget.

Shimano10sp clutch mech and SRAM 9sp shifter?

Narrow wide and get a 10spd slx setup which can be had for <$150.

^agree, but get a zee mech in short cage the one that can handle a 36t. Unless you already have the parts 10spd beats 9 in performance and is only slightly more expensive.

Yep, I’ve been really impressed by the Zee RD.

To answer the OPs question, the cheapest option is what Blakey initially suggests (to lock out the FD); otherwise bashring and N-Gear Jumpstop, or do away with the bashring and run a MRP 1x (upper guide only), or a Paul chainguide. The MRP is better.
If you’re riding really fast rocky trails you’ll still get your chain bouncing off very occasionally (esp, if you backpedal). You can run a Bionicon C-Guide if that proves to be an issue.

10 speed clutched is better but the above options work too.

If budget is the objective, i made a pretty good facsimile of an MRP top guide out of some nylon stock and alloy. saw/file/drill/tap is all that’s needed. sold with bike so can’t get a photo of it.
Worked better than my pauls guide does on 1 x 9.

Everything works better than a paul guide though!

If the OP already has sram 9sp shifter and some 9sp cassettes/chains, then I stand by my shimano 10sp clutched (deore RD-M615 for max budgetary) plus sram 9sp shifter. (maybe plus 5mm cable clamp spacer, appears to work without it.)

If not, then definitely do: 10sp Saint shifter, Deore RD-M615 clutched mech, locked out front mech, cheapest available n/w ring.

Why locked out mech if you have a NW?

budget you say…
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I should mention I have scored a Deore cranks, 9 speed chain and cassette, shifter and rear derailer for a a six pack.

Next is get myself a 32t narrow wide and a jump stop or Paul front guide.

no. no. no.

Cheapest like others have said, is to remove outer and inner chainring (assuming triple), limit off the FD, and shorten the chain. Job done.

HAL loves Paul

I had success with my Paul chain keeper on 1x9 on my Niner.
Bought it from Gear from memory.

Have a 73mm bb and my bike is a 63mm shell.
The chain ring hit on the frame so I swapped the spacers to the drive train side.
But now when in 1st n 2nd the the chain line is too wild and pulls the chain off under load… and this was just on the work stand!
So ill have to rethink this!

Im also keen to make my own chain guide from an front old derailer!

Mine has been great.
Not that this is the Zee thread.