MTB Bike Sizing

Hey All,

I am thinking about building myself a fg/ss MTB, I really have no clue about MTB sizing. I normally ride 58cm frame for track bike, I wonder what size shall I get for MTB?

Hoping someone could guide me to the right direction.


probably a medium or large.
I ride a 58 track frame, So i ride a large…
Your best shot is to go to your LBS and get sized up. As long as they’re not salesmen, they’ll be more than happy to help you out.

probably a large or extra-large depending on how you’re built and the geo of the frame and how flexible you are. I’m 6’2, my track bike is a 58 but my ss mtb:,5124.0.html

is an extra large with a 61cm eff top tube (plus a 120mm stem and a fair bit of saddle setback to get comfortable)

thx for the reply…I will go to some LBS and try them sizes out.

I should be a Large based on the measurments.