MTB Fxie Chain Tension Issue

Hi all, Bike Noob here

Currently i have completed the build of my MTB Fixie - Minus one annoying problem, the chain tension sucks and wont stay - I have tried making it shorter, etc but it doesn’t help

Every bike mechanic, etc i go to says get a chain tensioner but i would rather avoid doing this as its extra bulk and ruins the simplicity of my bike,

Is their anyway i can avoid having to purchase a chain tensioner? such as a special type of chain or something else i haven’t thought of?

Thanks in advanced!

Have you tried putting a half link in the chain or playing with different chainring/cog sizes to achieve the same gear with better chain tension?

are you using a QR or bolt rear axle?

i tried a half link on a few cogs but it still was just a tad off what what it needed - so close but didnt make it, im thinking maybe a different style of chain? My current chain is a bit of cheapie.

Thanks Generic Hipster

Rear Bolt

Have you tried a chain tug?

Assuming your running ‘track ends’ - horizontal drop outs like the pic?

Yes i have horizontal dropouts - Great idea! thanks - They seem like a way cleaner and cheaper alternative to a tensioner

Its Ebay time :smiley:

I dunno if it will solve your problem long term - I’ve never used them before on a fixed gear.

That surly one pictured is more for tensioning the chain initially before you bolt the axle up.

One with a larger screw/bolt and a nyloc nut or two on the bolt and something flat it pushes against might be better.

Happy to try, thanks

Would something like a half link chain fix my problem?

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Not sure about the half link to be honest.

I actually just checked out the surly site about that chain tug and they seem to think its fine for stopping the wheel slipping forward when you ‘stomp’ on the pedals.

you can get cheap chain tugs from your LBS for about $20. will solve all your issues.

Tug seems like the best option for now then, i just wanna get riding haha

If you’ve got horizontal dropouts you shouldn’t need a tensioner. What frame is it?

Oh its a cheapie!

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Hard to tell from the pics but the dropouts should be long enough for good tension. If not, I reckon a half link will do the job.

I might be wrong but i thought chain tensioners don’t work on fixed anyway?

You’re right. But chain tugs are sometimes called tensioners too.

these shouldn’t be used in fixed applications:

these should be:

they do different jobs.