MTB lights. What's good?

What do you use, what’s good and why?

How long do they last? External batter or self contained unit?

I’ve used Ay-Ups for about 6 months and love them. External batteries. But there’s quite a few options around.

I am happy with my Gloworm X2v2 1200 lumen on the bars running two flood lenses and X1v1 800 lumen running a spot lense on the helmet. Great strong beam with no blackspots or hot spots. I get 2hrs out of each on high beam. X2 comes with an external 4 cell battery pack, X1 with an external 2 cell battery pack.

They’ve been upgraded to brighter emitters and slightly different lenses since I bought mine.


Expensive but very reliable. Best mount I reckon and lots of add-ons/accessories. Plenty of light.

Diablo or Equinox on the Helmet can be run solo or with an extra very light battery on the helmet or a larger battery in your pocket.

I have the Exposure Diablo for the helmet and it is a beast. The only minus is the run time on it (about an hour on full)

The Gloworm X2 was good but it had a bit of an issue with the programming so I sent it back to get it checked out. It worked well for when I had it though.

My Gloworm X2 blew up on the last WNR - battery stopped working (despite being 100% charged before I left).
Another dude on the ride had issues with his Gloworm light not working too. I was able to complete ride by using his battery. He had to bail…
Got home, plugged battery into charger for a split second and battery magically worked again.

Helmet mount also snapped in half when I removed helmet after a ride, lol. Held together by shoe glue rn.

Decent light, just crap quality control eh

Yeah. They need a piggy back battery to do long rides in full.

Yep, agreed.
Best mount and very reliable.
I’ve got the Strada and it’s been great over about 3 years.

Even better is a Dynamo setup… I’ve got the Exposure Revo for commuting and its awesome.

The Exposure’s look good. Do most of you run something on handlebars as well or are the lights good enough these days that one on the helmet is enough?

I like to have an extra 300-500 lumen bar light. I use a cheap cygolite one. But there are plenty on cheap self-contained lights in that bracket.