MTB: Northern beaches epic: 12 or 13 March?

Carlin & I once did a ride the went from Manly Wharf to Narrabeen Lakes & back, via Manly Dam, Red Hill & Oxford Fall mtb trails. It takes about 4-ish hours and is probs about 50km in total.

Recently we have discussed doing it again. Carlin knows the route, so it is kind of important that he can make it.

I am free on the weekend of March 13/14, if anyone would like to do it. It has to be either one day or the other.

Perhaps we could ride back to that Lone Pine brewery at Manly or whatever it is called…

Anyone keen?

Yeah, I’m in.

I’ll work on a route. Basically all the single track at Oxford Falls is now illegal since the area became a national park, which is a real shame as it was some of the best riding out there.

Which day do you prefer Carlin?

I don’t know. Looking at the Nobmob map, it is impossible to legally link back up with the Wakehurst Parkway to do the old loop.

We can do Manly Dam and Red Hill easy, and duck over to Ofxford Falls, but the loop will be difficult.

Another option is to do Manly Dam/Cascades out to St Ives (lots of firetrail), but I’d need to look a bit more closely at it.

It’s been a long time since I’ve ridden these places.

Cascades… thats a lot of up hills too! Discovered that with a DH bike!

I could be interested, keeping in mind that I’m a terrible mtb-er.

You’ll be fine.

I can also put knobblies on my Skanky Bianchi if anyone wants to use it

Also - unless there are any major objections, I would prefer to go on the Saturday 12th of March. 1 or 2 people from work may also come along.

Think I’ll be in Thredbo again for the DH state round, so I wont be able to make this :frowning:

It’s on! Sat 12th March:

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It’s on! Sat 12th March:

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Looking forward to it.

Soooooo 8:30 roll out at the Poo* in Manly? I’m keen.

*Poo = ‘Shell’ sculpture at Manly Wharf.

Yep…8.30 at the Poo (unless pissing down).

I won’t be there, soz.

I’ll be there, in Manly… Working that is, unless pissing down.

Working on your wheelies?

I wish! Working on getting some poor bastards roof back on before it rains, WOOPS!

meet up for a post ride/work beer afterwards???