MTB tyres

Try before you buy. Get the biggest tyre that fits.

yeah i’ve got a compressor, i might just have to look into it…

We don’t all live in Rotorua mate…

Actually have taken the Sammy’s to the You Yangs in the wet and it was hella fun

That’s bro to you. :trollface:

So Speedy, did you take the Sammy’s down track 13 or Boulder?

Good point but tubeless makes it a pain, gonna have to hit up a few mates to do some rear wheel swappies to see what it possible

I’ve been running maxis hookworms (1.75") at 30-40 psi tubed. Luckily I weigh under 65 kg otherwise I’d be in pinch flat city. Only been using these tires as its what my partners mtb has and I’m waiting on finalising my own set up. I feel like I’ve bottomed out a bunch of times on DH trails (it’s a hard tail) but still no punctures.

Looking at running a 2.4 ardent on the front and depending on the rear clearance another one on the back or some kind of 2.1 for Canberras dry and dustiness. Looking for some major Cush as I’m be fully rigid but also need to be alright rolling resistance for the fire road sections of my bike packing trips, very keen of tubeless.

Aeons, try a Crossmark. I’ve previously run both 2.1 and 2.25 versions. Low rolling resistance, heaps of grip in the dry and dusty. Good volume in both versions. The 2.25 is a proper 2.25.

whoa! 58 PSI! At least you know your rim is stout :slight_smile: You def will not know yourself with half that pressure. I am 73kg or so, but I think 20-25PSI is pretty normal at 2.2"?
This thread has been great so far :slight_smile: I want to get on ignitors now… I always wrote em off as OEM crap… MountainKings are def on the list, too.
Anyone have something to say about the Ikon? And Geax, particularly Sagauro… they are on a lot of the TD bikes, by the looks, but have read some horror stories about mounting on stans.
One tyre that was OHSOHOT a year or two back but already pretty much extinct was the maxxis aspen… such a piece of shit. I crashed a lot on those.

I have tried the Sagauro, great write ups and many people talking them up, but it didn’t do it for me. I wanted it to be awesome, it was ok.

Oh and I think the Ikon maybe the new Aspen.

Yup - spot on what I am rolling on 2 of my bikes.

Racing Ralph is getting a bit worn on the rear on the single speed which tends to loose grip when putting power down. The Nobby Nic is perfect for the hard pack with light gravel on top of where I ride (Stromlo).

I run tubeless a with 34psi up front, 30-32 up back.

Geax (Vittoria’s MTB brand). Have run Gatos as they came stock on my old Jamis Dragon. Awful tyre. Slippery in almost all conditions. I bought a UST AKA once as a rear tyre. Mounting it was bloody ridiculous on Stans Flows. I gave up and swapped it with Slinky for a Crossmark. Apparently it rolled nice. Personally I’m steering well clear of Geax for the time being.

Anyone here run Fat Alberts or Muddy Marys? Also has anyone here had experience with Panaracer and Hutchison tyres run tubeless?

Yeah I am about 30psi out back and a bit less up front (tubeless) and I’m pretty lite, maybe cos JP is 29er-ing he can go lower? cos more volume?

i run maxxis minions on my kona stinky.
-really good grip and feel
-compound is very soft so they don’t last that long (and i don’t even have the super tackys)
-not cheap
-pretty heavy
-single ply version isn’t that good, get the dual ply

I run crossmarks front and rear at around 35 tubed and i weigh 100kg’s, the only thing i find is they slip out too easily in the Kurrajong side of the you yangs. keen to try something else

I think although this thread is good it needs some consideration of what style of riding you’re doing, or wanting to do. We’ve gone from ultra XC (sammy slicks) to downhill tyres (maxxis minions), which kind of confuses things.

Maybe a more useful template is:

Tyre -
Rim used -
Trouble mounting/sealing? -
Pressure range run -
Rider weight -
Riding style used for -
Good points/conditions -
Bad points/conditions -
Overall -

  • schwalbes are great race tyres, but wear quickly (according to some of the WNR bosses). ive definitely found this to be the case with their cx tyres. this is in contrast to how their tyres were a few years back apparently.
  • geax saguaros are the house favourite for the fast dudes from commuter.
  • WTB appear to be doing some good things when balancing wear with good tread. the local TD boys have been running them.
  • The CrossBoss endorses conti mtb tyres (which is a big plus IMO).
  • horatio has retained his ‘amaze-balls’ status by running file treads in the wet.
  • i got some aspens with my mtb and find them scarily drifty if the trails are even slightly damp. they are pretty good on the YTs during the heat and hardpack of summer.

(all of this is XC based).

I did a bit of mud with file treads yesterday. It’s stupidly inappropriate and lots of fun. At least I didn’t fall off this time. Although, I came close attempting a steep slippery pinch, spinning the rear wheel and going nowhere.

But you won’t be surprised - you’ve seen my poor tyre strategies firsthand :slight_smile:

This. Of course not appropriate but fun. Also the Sammy have okay knobs on the side, so basically it constantly feels like you’re going to wash out in the wet, but then knobs come in and save you. Not always though…