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And here’s one for Ezy:



Sik Mik Helmet Cam - Valparaiso '14

Yup - liked that one, pretty aggressive riding!



fav video for a while.


Cairns DH course preview - mudfest

Here’s my pal absolutely smashing the Cairns track. The rain is completely ridiculous.

GoPro: Kona’s Connor Fearon 2014 Cairns World Cup Practice Run - YouTube

Those switchbacks look like they’re played in fast forward. Nuts. He had a bit of a bingle in Qualification today & still managed 9th, as well as 2nd fastest time in practice. Fingers & toes crossed, will make for some good TV viewing tomorrow

^wow. He was flying down it. I remember seeing him ride as a junior and being blown away by his skill. I hope he does well tomorrow.


SBS2 at 2.15 today for the DH

When drunk bogans do stupid things.
Sadly, there are now reports he has a serious spinal injury.

Context in case you didn’t see the Cairns downhill today.

First hand report from MTBDirt

Some proper loose spectating up here in cairns today. Towards the end of the men’s finals a rider went down and needed to be carried off the course by the medics. While this was happening a spectator who had had a few beverages took the downed riders bike and started down the course, without a helmet, before proceeding to crash and knock himself out, causing further medical delay. Video of the crash here: Rider down uci world cup cairns - YouTube I also witnessed a spectator try to ride his esky down the side of one of the steepest parts of the course, before crashing out and spilling his beers everywhere. While he was lying down injured, his mate proceeded to treat him by putting an upside down vuvuzela in his mouth and pouring a beer in. STRAYA!! Looks forward to some loose XC heckling tomorrow…

Bloody 'ell.

That is brutal. I thought the commentators was joking when he said a spectator had knicked a bike … but nah, tis Straya.

Nice to see Sam Hill get a good run. Pity Blenki couldn’t match his qualifying run.


…this is pretty damn good, well worth the watch. Thanks!


I liked his claim (jokingly) that his facial hair was sculpted to force cool air/oxygen into his mouth during runs.

FWIW the spectator didn’t nick the bike, he was doing the downed pro rider (who has a compound fracture of his leg) a favour.

He was only on the bike for ~80m and grabbed the wrong brake. Has two broken vertebrae and a dislocated shoulder.

Details on Steve Peats instagram.

good to hear

…if someone ever happens to pick up my bike please note that my front brake is operated on the left. Just sayin…