MTB Videos

Okay so I think its high time that we have one thread where everyone can chuck their MTB videos. I’m sick of missing out on seeing good videos cos everyone needs to start a new thread each time they wanna post one up.

So the rules. If it has flat bars* and is on dirt then your video is welcome here.

*dirt drops are also acceptable.

I’ll kick it off with a couple of videos with some riding that scares the shit out of me.



That first one is not so much a trail as it is a bunch of rocks on a mountain side. Damn I want a decent MTB again.

Yeah. The triple crown fork and check out his footwear. Shesh.


That dog video is rad. Those trails!!! I have snowboarded at Coronet Peak.

Did you see the Flow MTB videos that they made touring around NZ?

Here is the page with the 10 videos on Rotorua.

10 Video Special: Rotorua’s Top Ten Trails | Flow Mountain Bike

This course looks bonkers…

kinda want to schedule a holiday back to cns for this. I was there in 1996.

That first part looks brutal - there are a lot of open fast bits going on in there though. Still better than the Stromlo World Cup course though.

Just came here to post this. The course looks great. I’d like to tackle that someday, albeit a little slower than ol’ Sik Mik :wink:

Solo Twenty-Four on Vimeo

A video going around following Brett Bellchambers (Jeebus) about 24hr MTB on a single speed featuring my local trails - Stromlo!

Some beautiful night time sequences.

Was going to post this as well… anyone else reckon he looks very much like nick mahoney, and appears to have the same great attitude.

i think im just about due for another 12 (or 24hr) enduro.

That was rad. Thanks Ezy.

yep nice one Ezy, great to see your shirt design pop up in there too!

The idea of MTB racing is really appealing to me of late and this helped even more!

The beard did it huh…?

haha, maybe… but building an MTB up recently and hitting the trails has given me the same feeling I had when I was a kid and first got a bike. That video and his enthusiasm just helps!

Great video Ezy. cheers dude!

A few years old now but too good not to share:

I passed Brett Beardchambers on the way to work today as well… the beard was glorious. Time may have stood still.