MTN bike recommendations please

I’d like to try my hand at doing some mucking around on some mtn trails.
Brisbane councils have spent millions of dollars recently building some awesome tracks (or so I have heard).

I don’t have much money, maybe $1500 and I’ve been told that GIANT is a good bike to go for.

I was looking at getting something second hand.

Could anyone give me some advice?


$1500 is a good budget.

Best to stick to hardtails at that price, 29er if you ride a medium or bigger, probaby 27.5/650b if your shorter.

I’d recommend make sure you get a bike with a tapered head tube and a 15mm thru axle on the fork/front hub, don’t stress to much about what ‘standard’ the rear axle is.

Any of the big brands hardtails are pretty good (Giant, Specialized, Trek) check the forks for any major scratches on the stanchions (the bit of the suspension fork that goes into the lower) and keep $150 or so in your budget for a fork service if the bike has been ridden a bit.

Worth a look if you’re a large

Brisbane Council has not spent millions of dollars on trails, so just kill that misinformation right now, and tell whoever told you they’re full of shit.

Hardtails are fine for most trails around the South East, a dually can make life easier if you’re older and want a comfy ride.

$1500 for a 29er would be great start. New Giants are predominantly 27.5", so a runout or second hand XTC might be available if you hunt around. FTR currently have XTC Advanced 1 2015 model for ~$1900, if they had an Advanced 2, it might be closer to your budget.

Second hand you could pick this Giant Talon with extra spice for $1300,

If you’re on fb these are pretty good:

So no work has been done recently building trails/rides etc?

Not on FB but thanks anyway

That rig on Rotoburn is HAWT!!!

Not by BCC unless they’ve tweaked some existing trails at Gap Creek that I’m not aware of. They’re spending more on lying about 1300kms of bikeways (paint is not infrastructure and neither is a BAZ) than they are on actual bike infrastructure.

Logan City Council is generally the one spending cash on trails down at Daisy, Cornubia & Underwood, along with funds raised by Brisbane South MTB Club. But we’re only talking 10’s of thousands plus whatever comes from Grants, i.e. the $100k recently for Underwood upgrades.

And then you have the Wolfs Peach and Sorceress upgrades to Bayview for the Bayview Blast in Redlands Council. Rode them on the weekend, need to session them as a loop for major funtimes.

You can keep up to date with most Trails stuff here:

Bunya’s getting a bit of work done lately, nprsr must be spending $$$ for trailbuilders

Yep, NP have been working hard in Bunya/Ironbark as well.

Lots of work gets done by volunteers as well.

From my recollection it goes like this:

BCC have Gap Creek.
Redlands have Bayview and Scribbly Gum.
Logan has Daisy inc Underwood and Cornubia.
NP have Bunya and Ironbark.
Ipswich has Castle Hill.

Geoff speaks truth. NP, volunteers, councils outside of BCC and Brisbane South mtb club are all hitting homeruns atm. Former president of BSMC is now vice president of MTBA based at Nerang. This should also help with further trails in SEQ.
Trailworx is also doing good work.

I didn’t say BBC. I said Brisbane’s councils. I should have been more specific and higthlighted that Logan is not in Brisbane.

Doesn’t matter Salt, no-ones spending millions, the cash just isn’t there.

Oh and the volunteers behind Nerang are working hard with their contacts to ensure the Comm Games gets raced at Nerang.