Much Apu About Nothing?

As a lifelong Simpsons fan, and someone who finds Apu a great character, i can’t feel that this doco is missing the mark a little:

Perhaps it’s my own white priviledge, or sheltered upbringing, but it seems that the 2 main points against Apu as character is that

a) he is voiced by a white person

b) the joke is that he is indian

the 2 black characters in The Simpsons are also voiced by white people (Carl by Hank Azaria same as Apu, and Dr Hibbert by harry shearer) so that argument is kind of out the window.

the second argument, I think also falls over, because the whole point of the simpsons is that the characters are mostly exaggerated tropes and while Apu is “stereotypically” indian he is also a well rounded, intelligent & important character (see lisa the vegetarian, the bear tax/immigration ep. member of Mensa etc).

Anyway - thoughts?

Thank you, come again.

I think the comedian kicking up a stink is more focused on being the “I’m a comedian going after the biggest comedy show of all time” guy rather than an actual issue. A comment I read that summed it up well for me is:

boonboonNov 13 2017 at 6:08pm
The thing is the Simpsons isn’t about the characters being stereotypes it has always been about it being a show that poked fun at Americans own view of stereotypes and how they didn’t see reality just stereotypes whihc is even more an issue today then ever. Apu isn’t making fun of Indians it is making fun of how stupid Americans are in that they only see Indians as the quicki amrt guy when their are 1 billion Indians doing amazing things all over the world- thats the joke