multi colour crayon w/ pics

this is my daily ride Found her in the park and added the following:
-moongoose maurice frame.
-velocity rear w/ gator skin;
-nos sumo front crap skin
-surly 16cog fsa 48 cranks
-Token 2’ risers
-snafu grips

I’ve got some spare punctuation in the cupboard if you’re interested.

Can’t help you with a picture though.

i cant see any image.
Is there one?

cant make the photo appear. will explore.sorry

chuck it in foto bucket. U want to paste up the codes

You have to host your image online somewhere like Photobucket or Flickr which you probably know already… but then copy the url between these [im g] [/im g] ( but take out the spaces between m & g)

Like this ----- [im g]you_URL_here[/im g]

Welcome to the site, and the internet! is good - you don’t have to register.

nice ride

So thankyou all for helping the poor ludite wit no computer skills; i now know what a “photo bucket” is,and also a URL. Hope the hype dosent overshadow pics of my pony. Cheers Luke

Fuck me! You sure pimped out that bird good! How did you attach the cranks? Does it make much noise on the road?

normally ridin’ in traffic she blends in and when i get to whereim goin bacon and egg roll.

The chicken made my day. Fkn classic.

she is a good sport got 6 ov of the joys of living in the act.

Nice cock.