Murray to Mountains info for drunk fixed riders

So I’m getting married and for my upcoming bucks weekend I’m thinking of riding the Murray to Mountains trail with two groomsmen – plan is for an easy yet picturesque ride that we can ride (first) wobbly and (subsequently) hungover.

We’ll be riding fixed / singlespeed and myself and one other dude will have 28c tyres, but my other mate only has 23c tyres. It’s sealed, so 23c is probably fine yeah?

And any ideas on direction / best town to spend a night for drinking and being merry? We’re thinking on the Sat riding Bright to Myrtleford (30km), then getting our drink on in Myrtleford followed by 60km on Sunday to Wang. Is Myrtleford the best spot to stay, and Bright to Wang the best direction? And I expect the 60km Sunday ride will still be fine even if we’re nursing hangovers?

Thoughts / info / recommendations (even other routes in Vic) would be appreciated!

Congrats on the pending nuptials!

Haven’t spent much time in said area, but there are two awesome breweries in the vacinity - Bright Brewery and Beechworth Brewery would cetainly keep your hydration levels high…or low.