My ‘vintage’ Melburn Roobaix musette circa 2010 is on its way out so I’m after musette recommendations to suit my retrogrouch ways. Needs to obviously communicate with other cyclists yet confuse ordinary citizens. Bonus points for local/'Strayan motifs. Don’t want to spend more than $30. Go.

if your happy for another Roobaix one, im pretty sure i have one you can have mate

pm me

i’ve got a couple sitting in the drawer you could peruse… .

Same here, you have have the bright blue one that I don’t really care for all that much… 2017 version.

Not sure if I can do a Melburn Roobaix musette that I didn’t participate in. And I’ve only done one.

Thanks for the offers, though.

Bon chapeau

will trade for beer.
let me dig through the drawer they hide in