It’s that time of year again : Summer’s over, CX season is approaching and it’s time to seek out mud! I found a nice mud stash behind Veneto Club this morning. Not quite first tracks but still plenty of freshies to be had if you don’t mind flood mud.

Front and rear squirming hard, knobbies caked up solid, faced and arse gobbed with brown gold, commuting to work doesn’t get any better! Imagine the chicken man is right on your wheel and screaming, forget about traction, just spin those fuckers and drift it until you’re completely covered in Belgian toothpaste.


Typical lazy hipsters. Get thee to

Is this where you mean? | Places | Veneto Club Melbourne

Yep, the trails behind it go from Banksia St down to the freeway and are a good alternative to Bruce’s Loop et al when it’s wet. They’re fast, not technical and generally more flood-resistant except for a couple of places i.e. behind the Veneto Club and, more notably, the wooden bridge near Banksia where HMC came a cropper last year - that place has been a bog for months - I have a look every now and then but it’s usually full of water, unridable sludge and dengue fever.

Pics angry or it didn’t happen

You mean this guy?

Nah, ride out there and get covered in it yourself H. You were building a CX bike weren’t you…? :wink:

The very same! I thought I was caning it through that section but then on one lap I heard a god-awful roar and then the crowd roared and suddenly there was mud and beer everywhere and a dude wearing gumboots and a chicken on his head flew by me sideways.

God I love cyclocross!

Quoted for truth and Awesomeness! DD was one of the most fun days I had in Melburn