My back hurts

i smoke weed with my chiro all the time. then we go out and skim credit cards.

+1 for yoga. i strained my back about 3 or 4 weeks ago and have been doing this at home:
Yoga for releasing lower back pain (by Elizabeth Rose) - YouTube

some of these exercises were shown to me by my physio anyway (threading needle, cat stretch), and some of them you might recognise from any martial arts you’ve done or seen.

Quoted because this is one of the only good posts in the thread. And well worth re-reading.

Probably get a stem longer than 50mm with your 600mm of seatpost.

Physio first to make sure there isn’t anything seriously wrong. Active Physiotherapy in Newtown are really good. They will give you exercises to help make you stronger. Combining physio with pilates has really helped me get rid of a lot of niggling neck, shoulder and lower back pains that I thought would be there forever thanks to computers/polo/life. MG Pilates in Erskineville has a Sunday morning class that focuses on relaxation and stretching. Really good for your back.

140 stem

I just bought one of those massage chairs? Its probably just a gimmic but it does feel reallllly good.
In the long run its just as expensive as going to physio/chiro

But you can watch telly which you can’t do at the physio!

Get one of these to loosen the back up and work on some core strength exercises to strengthen your back

Pilates has helped me a lot, because I discovered I actually didn’t use my core for anything, I just used my back. Not kidding, when I flex my ‘abs’, if you look at my spine there is a muscle definition either side of it and it looks like I have a 6-pack on my back.
But I digress.
What helped me also is when you’re riding along you have to engage your pelvic floor (like you’re holding a fart in, if you even know how to do that) and kind of tilt your tailbone upwards towards the sky.
Do not ride like this because it’s bad for most mortals

look, I’m no Doctor, but one of these


and bang it in one of these

look, I’m no Doctor, but one of these



and bang it in one of these

Fucking post of the week

i think ima buy a balance bracelet and turn up to rides with it.

bahahah! who am i kidding?

turn up to rides! bahahahah!

Try this.

Jaffles and a Splitty, life would be sweet.

Get another opinion on your back pain. Best thing to do id say.

Yeah you definitely need more opinions than offered in this thread

That foam roller manual is amaze. I have knee pain from overly tight quads so will study this further.