My back hurts

I’m a idiot who has sat far too long at computers in ways that are terrible for my back. My parents always told me “don’t sit like that” and I was always a “that’ll never happen to me” re: back pain kinda guy. But now my back fucking sucks and I’m only 20 years old and it’s the worst. Mostly in my lower back, and today only on the right side. It hurts and I want to fix it. What kind of things can I do to strengthen the muscles in my lower back? I did go to a doctor and he said to “stretch it” but didn’t really have any specific things for me to do. Also, what kind of riding position is going to remove as much pressure from there as possible? I ride with a backpack always (gotta, whatever) which I assume is probably an issue (rack on the way tho!).
Please save my back. Xoxo.

Find out what’s wrong
Do what he says

Squats can help, strengthen your core and back. But yeh physio

Pilates is what I do to strengthen my core. I’m generally the only guy in the class, but if your a ladies man that will work in your favour.

Endorsed. A good physio will assess you first and then gently and sensibly address your problem with a range of targeted exercises/stretches.

Don’t your parents have the karma sutra of stretching in the kitchen? luulz

expect it to take a few years of stretch/core exercises to be ok

inversion table. thank me later

A Physio is just gonna tell you to to do back stretches too. Thats exactly what a physio told me last week. I’m a good 14 years older than you and do a fair bit of grunt as part of my job #tradielyf

If you’re unsure of what good stretching is then I might suggest attending some yoga classes. Downward Dog and Salute to the Sun are some sequences that might help. If yoga is not yourthing then do some googling of back stretches. The information is pretty easy to find, hey.

Chiro… Haha


Beat me to it lulz.

Yeah it’s probably a metaphysical thing, and what you really need is your chakras aligned and some reiki, and a homeopathic tincture made from the chair you sit in.

^is this all off the back of me suggesting yoga??! FFS they’re just stretching exercises dudes. Comme de Fuck Down.

I’m fairly active both on the bike and especially rock climbing and in the gym. Between those 3 I’ve gone through a whole host of aches and strains.

In the past year I’ve been really getting serious with proper stretches and rehab type stuff. But by far the two biggest helps have been getting a foam roller and doing yoga. The foam roller is great for working directly on muscles - get some nice relief for tight muscles. Here’s a good run down - Foam Roller Manual
And I just have my sis run me through some of her yoga stuff. We’ve all done the stretches from back in school for PE and stuff but yoga really helps because it’s much more comprehensive and really helps with core strength.
If you have any stigmas about it don’t picture dark rooms with ocean noises and a whole lot of chanting. I lay out a towel on the floor and run through the basics once a day for like 15mins.

And my last bit of advice is that back problems are rarely located just in the back. Modern life for most is in a chair at a desk. So while the back pain maybe the end result you probably have issues elsewhere - tight pec minors and biceps from typing/ writing (which will in turn round your upper back). Tight hip flexors as well as weak or tight hamstrings and abdominal wall from constantly sitting (which will either give you a really curved low back - gut and butt sticks out or the opposite where you have a flat low back with almost no ass to speak of).

TLDR: Buy a foam roller and do yoga.

I’ve had a bad back for most of my adult life. I wrecked it when I was younger playing one sport, then changed to ice hockey, which probably made it worse. (But it was hella fun!) I still have days where riding kills me and my back doesn’t usually loosen up until the 20km mark.
I tried stretching and core exercises to no avail. Voltaren, Ibuprofen, Difflam Gel and a regular massage are the only things that helped.

Doesn’t sound like you’ve actually damaged your back, just sounds like it’s weak and immobile. If you’re having regular pain/mobility issues though then physio for sure. If you just want your back to not be a problem then core strength training is probably the go–i.e. pilates and/or yoga.

I went through a pretty similar experience/realisation when I was 21-22. Happy to discuss in more detail if you want, just PM me.

My post wasn’t intended that way bro, just having a tounge in cheek shot at the charlatans. yoga is legit. Don’t use it myself, but know a few peeps who swear by it. Stretching is something I do subconsciously all day long as a matter of habit. Kinda like an animal does.

Crystals, magnets, power balance bracelet and smoke heaps of weed
But seriously it could be serious or minor so just see a sports doc or a Physio