My Bicycle Film Fest ride

it’s cool.
are you going to ride it in the alleycat?

No but you can if you want.

You built a bike just for the film festival :-o

how have you spaced the freewheel? Is that a custom job or an off-the-shelf product?

It is all standard road width. Custom made all the disc wheel except the freehub body.
Frame is a tooling sample from a few years back. Running Strada singles.
Rest is just bits lying around.


Can’t wait to krink up that wheel :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like discs are becoming the new potatos. :roll:

There is a liquid chalk pen mounted to the seatstay for people to tag it up.

boy, did you get more than you bargained for…


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Nothing a bit a brake cleaner won’t remove.

Ahhh the old paint pen sure does bring out the school children in all of us.
The old dick and balls tag.

Shucks…you got me.


man it rained dicks on your bike last night haha.

“nice dick-orordi” - sime
“is that a hill-dick?” - brendan

anyone else?

aero-dick, sorry, what are we talking about?

Posca smack down on the dudes dicksc.

Ya know yo all want one…

Straight up though it’s fucked to ride on. I see stones on the road and wince.
Deep v’s are soft compared to that thing.